Timber Ridge Goldens

English Golden Retriever

The AKC recognizes all Golden Retrievers as the same breed, but their are two different types of Golden Retrievers. Most people have seen or know about Golden Retrievers. They are great with children, they have great intelligence, and are often used as service and therapy dogs. The English Golden Retrievers though aren't as often seen, and people don't always know a lot about them. The English Golden Retriever is very similar to the American Golden but primarily their lineage comes from Europe. Their look is a bit different. The English Golden has a shorter stance, stockier body, blockier head, and their ears sit slightly lower than the American. The American Goldens tend to be taller, longer, leaner in appearance and have a smaller more narrow head. American Goldens have a wide variety of coat colors, anywhere from a dark red to a light gold color. The English are a cream to snow white in color. The English Golden has a calmer more laid back personality than that of the American Golden. Some even say that the English have less health problems and live on average 1-2 years longer, though we can't confirm that. The English Golden Retrievers are both beautiful and have an incredible personality and would make a great dog for any age.